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Digestive Enzymes for Weight Loss – Building Healthy Bacteria to Lose Weight

February 28, 2013

Digestion is probably not the first place you look when aiming for your weight loss goals but it’s so often overlooked that its important to step back and take a look at your digestive system. It’s not the most pleasant topic but you should start out by asking yourself a few important questions.

  • Do you clear your bowels 2-3 times a day (typically you should relieve yourself for every meal of the day, makes sense)
  • Do you suffer from bloating or stomach pains after eating
  • Are you constipated or the opposite

Some very simple questions that only you will be able to answer and from here you can determine if your gut needs a little extra push to help process all those foods and vitamins you are consuming. Without a proper digestive system you can be left feeling bloated, unable to process foods and most worryingly unable to process the vitamins and nutrients from your food which can severely obstruct your chances of losing weight naturally.

I don’t mean to be disturbing but it’s very rare to go to a public toilet and hear many healthy bowel movements, not that you should be listening, but its a clear sign that we should be paying more attention to our digestive health.

There are two types of digestive supplements you can try

The first one is a probiotic, which are natural bacteria made in food such as natural yoghurt which are beneficial bacteria which help to get everything working as it should. You can either get this bacteria from eating natural unprocessed yoghurt or in capsule form for those sensitive to casein protein. Remember to always keep your yoghurt and capsules refrigerated to make sure those little bacteria fellows don’t die, after all they are living and need to be fit and healthy to run around your gut and help you out.

The other form of digestive supplement is a pancreatic enzyme or digestive enzyme and these are usually in capsule form an contain natural enzymes that your pancreas produces which can be great for someone who is on a high protein diet which may need more effort to process or if your body needs a little extra help digesting the foods you eat.

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